Luxurious German hotel refuses to host Trump during G-20 summit

In a weird turn of events a luxury hotel in Hamburg has refused to host US President Donald Trump and members of his delegation during the G-20 summit that the German city will host on July 7 and 8, reports the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper.

The reservation request that the Administration of Trump made to the hotel Vier Jahreszeiten was denied without revealing the causes. This is the first time that a foreign hotel has refused to host the president of the United States in history.

A hotel representative declined to comment on the information published on the newspaper. Donald Trump doesn’t have a lot of friends across the world because many see his policies as dangerous for the world.

Last December the hotel hosted then US Secretary of State John Kerry, who was a member of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

According to police sources, all the leaders participating in the summit will be staying in the center of Hamburg. The celebration of the event will bring great benefits to the hotel sector of the city, since between delegations and journalists will require some 9,000 hotel spaces. Most of the rooms have already been booked.

However, it’s interesting to see how the president will respond to something like this and what type of action the white house will take as the date for the event approaches.

sources: noticias de cuba

USA plans Installation of Agricultural technology with Cuba

For the month of April this year 2,016, it is estimated that a mission to Cuba will be sent from the United States in order to interact and reach agreements with representatives of Cuban farmers, related to bilateral trade between both countries.

This interaction also includes aspects related to distribution, production, investment, development and research.

The United States Department of Agriculture requested authorization for a sum of US $ 1.5 million dollars to the Congress of that country, with the objective of sending officials to advance from the Island, all the aspects that Favor the exchange and the guidelines that facilitate the commercial relations between both countries, once the economic blockade with Cuba has finally been lifted.

Already in the United States there are companies in the food and agricultural area that are completely in favor of eliminating the blockade against Cuba, although this year for being electoral year in the United States, the situation of that is made of definitive form is a little complicated, As expressed by Tom Vilsack, who is the Secretary of Agriculture.

The president of the American Agricultural Coalition for Cuba (USACC), believes that sending officials to Cuba is one of the key priorities that must be addressed and approved as quickly as possible.

Motivated by the current prohibition in the United States of extending some type of credit to the Island, due to the blockade; This point represents one of the biggest obstacles to selling to todo Cuba, as the American farmers point out.

Among the measures maintained by the blockade is still the obligation that the island has to pay the purchases of agricultural products in advance and only in cash.

On the other hand, Heidi Heitkamp, ​​who is a Democratic senator in the United States, strongly emphasizes that for this year 2016 Congress will not lift the blockade during legislative sessions; Although “partial laws can be adopted incrementally”.

Ports in Miami are getting ready to do business with Cuba

Interest in ferries bound for Cuba has been high enough in the Port of Miami that officials are looking for ways to create temporary terminals to accommodate operators who wish to launch ferry trips overnight to Havana all days.

Planning a new passenger and cargo route to Cuba is detailed in hundreds of emails and internal documents obtained by the Miami Herald through Florida’s open registration laws.

The documents show a year-long effort by the Port of Miami to be ready for what could be a major new venture there. Industry leaders predict ferry routes will be popular with Cuban-Americans not only those who visit their homeland, but with the transportation of large goods from the US. For their relatives on the island of Cuba.

On November 4, Port of Miami officials scheduled a meeting to discuss what the US Customs and Border Protection would require for the processing of freight and passengers on ferries bound for Cuba. The meeting asks “Given a ferry date, supposing the start-up in March 2016, how can the Port meet this target for the start-up based on current facilities and operations”

For now, that date seems almost impossible. There was a significant boost in May, when the Obama administration issued Cuba-ferry licenses to Caribbean states and other operators in talks with the port of Miami. But industry executives say todo Cuba is holding back approval and port construction to welcome ferries from the United States.

Google wants to offer better internet in Cuba

A Google executive visit this weekend to Cuba to explore better bring Internet access to the island, the search giant has made a proposal regarding the Cuban government, according to a State Department official.

It is a sign that the American technology companies are testing the interest of the participation of Cuba in opening doors to new foreign investments after the announcement by President Barack Obama of a historic thaw in relations and the recent commitment of the government led by Raul Castro who promises Internet access for all Cubans 2020.

Google executive, Brett Perlmutter, is a member of New York-based unit of the company Google Ideas designed to help solve the biggest problems of technology in the world. He is taking part in a five-day trip to Havana with a dozen other business representatives from the United States and “will focus on helping the Cuban government thinks through its objective publicly stated goal of improving access to the Internet,” said a company representative.

Google declined to say more about his work in Cuba. But a senior State Department official said the search giant has made a proposal to the Cuban government. “We do not know what they have proposed, but they know they have proposed something,” the official said.

In Cuba today, only 5% of the population has Internet access and cell phone service can be slow where it is available. Google is known for his experimentation with non-traditional forms of Internet dissemination. In the agenda there’s also talks about increasing the envios a cuba which is the biggest issue for cuban americans.

In December Obama eased considerably restrictions on the export of telecommunications equipment to Cuba. And business analysts say that although there was an initial period of confusion about exactly what the new rules would, technology companies like Google now feel legally quite firm.

This will not be the first trip by a Google executive to Cuba. Eric Schmidt, chief executive of the company, visited the island last summer. After that, Google began offering their version Cubans simple web browser Chrome. This tour includes such interested to find out that the Cuban government is open to a free internet access to all Cubans soon.

Some tips to find a good airport transportation company

Going for a protracted trip is tedious. it’s wearying if you’ve got to attend during a long queue to catch a taxi to travel to your destination from the depot. Reaching the flying field during a car is one in all the unforgettable experiences of your life. Your goal is to rent an organization that gives quality transportation services and charges cheap rates.

With multiple corporations offered within the market, it’s troublesome to seek out a reliable company. Here square measure a couple of factors that you simply need to think about whereas choosing one in all the simplest flying field transportation services.

Find out the experience of the corporate

I found these guys: and immediately starting reading their reviews from previous customers to learn more. It is important that you simply ought to rent a transportation service that represents high levels of honesty and skills. whether or not you wish a celebration bus or a luxury automobile, you’ll get notice a pleasant automobile for flying field transportation. you’ve got to decide on a automobile that matches your budget, style and needs.

Plus, a trustworthy company will choose you from your house at the scheduled  time. whether or not you would like to succeed in the flying field within the late night or within the morning, you’ll reach the flying field quickly. The transportation workers should have the correct data of the streets in order that they will avoid all kinds of commotion on the road. Plus, they must conjointly beware of the bags of the passengers also as transport them safely to the required location.

Here’s what a marketing video should look for

In the photography business if you want to use videos to drive traffic to your website you must create curiosity for the viewer, as an example of what a marketing video that creates curiosity should have I found this video while searching for marble 3d wall panels that I believe is the perfect example.

Finding The Right Wedding DJ

A party is usually built around the DJ or DJ Wedding Party; With that in mind, you will want to select a DJ who can draw a crowd and keep the environment in style.

For each type of party, there is a kind of music and not necessarily a kind of DJ; as these are easily adapted to all kinds of parties, because if they do not could not be called DJs Party. Here we will present our recommendations in this increasingly delicate quest to make your party a success throughout the duration. For example my buddy he is a fort myers wedding dj who is pretty successful because he knows how to advertise. Check out his video below:

Step 01: Decide what kind of music you want your party to focus. If it is a large party, there may be different types of dance music.

Step 02: Take a look at entertainment companies to find a DJ who has a good reputation and reviews online. Most local DJs love to focus on doing a good job, because that’s where references are born, these days much of these references are going to be found on the internet..

Step 03: Contact the coordinator or manager of the company to be told that DJ fits what you are looking for. Although the price varies on several occasions, you can expect an interesting proposal depending on the type of event and how long will it last.

Step 04: Look for references on a Facebook or your own website and you will be sure that this person is what you are looking for.

Step 05: And finally enjoy to the maximum the work of your DJ in a Party or Wedding.

Renovations are stressful on relationships

The other day I was reading an article on the new york times that claimed that home renovations can be very stressful to relationships, they provided some tips on how to handle stressful situations like a big kitchen renovation or anything else that can cause a married couple to disagree on something.


For the most part I have learned that in relationships the most important aspect is communication, without communication you don’t have a stable relationship.

Communication is the life and blood of any relationship, sitting down to plan and discuss what to expect from a home renovation or anything that requires a commitment from both is important. As a photographer it’s easy to see that I have dealt with a lot of different couples and I have also seem couples that only lasts 3-6 months because they were never in stressful situations and can’t handle them together. I guess the lesson here is before saying YES and spending thousands in a wedding then be sure you are marrying the right person and you also have a clear understanding of your partners emotions.

Just wanted to share some of my thoughts 😉

Don’t fall for internet marketers scammers.

Quick post today, I was looking for a web designer to help me change some stuff on my site to make it look responsive and make my portfolio look better on mobile devices and I was referred a guy who did a limo rental cape coral site for a friend of mine. I’m just telling you this to be aware not everyone out there has good intentions when it comes to this industry that is internet marketing & services.

He said he was from diseno web miami a small company in Florida who helped small businesses with design and marketing services.

So basically what I decided to pay the guy 50% of the fee in order to get started, I was told the job would be done in a matter of 2 weeks and funny how after a week I didn’t hear back from the guy. About a month later the guy shows up and says he had some personal issues and didn’t have time to contact me and let me know. He offered to basically resume the work and I said I would give him a second chance. But, a few days later he asked for the other 50% of the fee without finishing the job and when I refused he said I was taking advantage of him. I learned a few days ago he never really work in the company he claimed to work for.

I guess the lesson here is be sure to always check for references and don’t simply hire someone without doing some research and learning if the person is truly who they say they are.

Leaving your ceremony in style.

One of the coolest ways to leave your wedding ceremony in style is hiring a limousine or party bus to help you transport your close friends and family. Or perhaps leaving to the airport in a limo if you are traveling somewhere for the honeymoon.

My friend Joe who owns limo service cape coral gave me some tips to share with yall on how to find a great limo provider no matter where you live on a budget.

Limo wedding

  • Look online on websites like Groupon to find special deals and saving coupons
  • Once you have found a limo company be sure to check Yelp to see if they have reviews
  • Ask for special discounts if you have a large group of people
  • Sometimes you can find great coupons specially for wedding events.

Sometimes a party bus might be a better option since they are bigger and provide more room to fit more people. A limousine is your way to ride in style in your big day and you can have a great time making a day that won’t be forgotten any day soon.

Another site where you can find great local deals depending on the company of course is Retailmenot which you can use to get special discounts in your city.