Anything can go wrong at YOUR wedding..

Wedding ceremonies can be quite unpredictable, emotions are through the roof and everyone is nervous not just the groom and bride. But what I have learned over the years is that the key to a great wedding is not the amount of money you spent to get every little detail perfect but the people like friend and family that are part of that special day.

I’ve seen brides lose their mind because the flowers were not fresh enough or the cake didn’t arrive on time. In other cases I’ve seen people faint and even fights believe it or not.

Let’s just hope your wedding was not part of this hilarious video:

I don’t have a big lesson for you in regards to making everything perfect, in fact my advice would be to not worry about whether the flowers are fresh or if the cake arrived, simply remember what your wedding day means to you and what the future holds for you as a married gal or guy.

The simple weddings that don’t have a big budget and just do the ceremony in a backyard with just a few friends and family usually are far better experiences than those couples who spend thousands and months of preparation with a guest list of a thousand people.

Don’t be a bridezilla..for the love of god try to be patience and let the professional do the work. Some brides are control freaks and want to even direct how the pictures are going to be taken.


The sooner you understand that usually things will not go perfect at your wedding the better prepared you’ll be and the easier it will be for you to adapt to whatever happens on that day….because trust me anything can and will go wrong when you have to manage so many little details. Be yourself and seek as much help as you possibly can to be sure that you are 100% focused on your loved one and not the ceremony, after that is what a wedding is about.