USA plans Installation of Agricultural technology with Cuba

For the month of April this year 2,016, it is estimated that a mission to Cuba will be sent from the United States in order to interact and reach agreements with representatives of Cuban farmers, related to bilateral trade between both countries.

This interaction also includes aspects related to distribution, production, investment, development and research.

The United States Department of Agriculture requested authorization for a sum of US $ 1.5 million dollars to the Congress of that country, with the objective of sending officials to advance from the Island, all the aspects that Favor the exchange and the guidelines that facilitate the commercial relations between both countries, once the economic blockade with Cuba has finally been lifted.

Already in the United States there are companies in the food and agricultural area that are completely in favor of eliminating the blockade against Cuba, although this year for being electoral year in the United States, the situation of that is made of definitive form is a little complicated, As expressed by Tom Vilsack, who is the Secretary of Agriculture.

The president of the American Agricultural Coalition for Cuba (USACC), believes that sending officials to Cuba is one of the key priorities that must be addressed and approved as quickly as possible.

Motivated by the current prohibition in the United States of extending some type of credit to the Island, due to the blockade; This point represents one of the biggest obstacles to selling to todo Cuba, as the American farmers point out.

Among the measures maintained by the blockade is still the obligation that the island has to pay the purchases of agricultural products in advance and only in cash.

On the other hand, Heidi Heitkamp, ​​who is a Democratic senator in the United States, strongly emphasizes that for this year 2016 Congress will not lift the blockade during legislative sessions; Although “partial laws can be adopted incrementally”.

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