Renovations are stressful on relationships

The other day I was reading an article on the new york times that claimed that home renovations can be very stressful to relationships, they provided some tips on how to handle stressful situations like a big kitchen renovation or anything else that can cause a married couple to disagree on something.


For the most part I have learned that in relationships the most important aspect is communication, without communication you don’t have a stable relationship.

Communication is the life and blood of any relationship, sitting down to plan and discuss what to expect from a home renovation or anything that requires a commitment from both is important. As a photographer it’s easy to see that I have dealt with a lot of different couples and I have also seem couples that only lasts 3-6 months because they were never in stressful situations and can’t handle them together. I guess the lesson here is before saying YES and spending thousands in a wedding then be sure you are marrying the right person and you also have a clear understanding of your partners emotions.

Just wanted to share some of my thoughts 😉

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