Luxurious German hotel refuses to host Trump during G-20 summit

In a weird turn of events a luxury hotel in Hamburg has refused to host US President Donald Trump and members of his delegation during the G-20 summit that the German city will host on July 7 and 8, reports the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper.

The reservation request that the Administration of Trump made to the hotel Vier Jahreszeiten was denied without revealing the causes. This is the first time that a foreign hotel has refused to host the president of the United States in history.

A hotel representative declined to comment on the information published on the newspaper. Donald Trump doesn’t have a lot of friends across the world because many see his policies as dangerous for the world.

Last December the hotel hosted then US Secretary of State John Kerry, who was a member of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

According to police sources, all the leaders participating in the summit will be staying in the center of Hamburg. The celebration of the event will bring great benefits to the hotel sector of the city, since between delegations and journalists will require some 9,000 hotel spaces. Most of the rooms have already been booked.

However, it’s interesting to see how the president will respond to something like this and what type of action the white house will take as the date for the event approaches.

sources: noticias de cuba

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