Don’t fall for internet marketers scammers.

Quick post today, I was looking for a web designer to help me change some stuff on my site to make it look responsive and make my portfolio look better on mobile devices and I was referred a guy who did a limo rental cape coral site for a friend of mine. I’m just telling you this to be aware not everyone out there has good intentions when it comes to this industry that is internet marketing & services.

He said he was from diseno web miami a small company in Florida who helped small businesses with design and marketing services.

So basically what I decided to pay the guy 50% of the fee in order to get started, I was told the job would be done in a matter of 2 weeks and funny how after a week I didn’t hear back from the guy. About a month later the guy shows up and says he had some personal issues and didn’t have time to contact me and let me know. He offered to basically resume the work and I said I would give him a second chance. But, a few days later he asked for the other 50% of the fee without finishing the job and when I refused he said I was taking advantage of him. I learned a few days ago he never really work in the company he claimed to work for.

I guess the lesson here is be sure to always check for references and don’t simply hire someone without doing some research and learning if the person is truly who they say they are.

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