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Some tips to find a good airport transportation company

Going for a protracted trip is tedious. it’s wearying if you’ve got to attend during a long queue to catch a taxi to travel to your destination from the depot. Reaching the flying field during a car is one in all the unforgettable experiences of your life. Your goal is to rent an organization that gives quality transportation services and charges cheap rates.

With multiple corporations offered within the market, it’s troublesome to seek out a reliable company. Here square measure a couple of factors that you simply need to think about whereas choosing one in all the simplest flying field transportation services.

Find out the experience of the corporate

I found these guys: and immediately starting reading their reviews from previous customers to learn more. It is important that you simply ought to rent a transportation service that represents high levels of honesty and skills. whether or not you wish a celebration bus or a luxury automobile, you’ll get notice a pleasant automobile for flying field transportation. you’ve got to decide on a automobile that matches your budget, style and needs.

Plus, a trustworthy company will choose you from your house at the scheduled  time. whether or not you would like to succeed in the flying field within the late night or within the morning, you’ll reach the flying field quickly. The transportation workers should have the correct data of the streets in order that they will avoid all kinds of commotion on the road. Plus, they must conjointly beware of the bags of the passengers also as transport them safely to the required location.

Finding The Right Wedding DJ

A party is usually built around the DJ or DJ Wedding Party; With that in mind, you will want to select a DJ who can draw a crowd and keep the environment in style.

For each type of party, there is a kind of music and not necessarily a kind of DJ; as these are easily adapted to all kinds of parties, because if they do not could not be called DJs Party. Here we will present our recommendations in this increasingly delicate quest to make your party a success throughout the duration. For example my buddy he is a fort myers wedding dj who is pretty successful because he knows how to advertise. Check out his video below:

Step 01: Decide what kind of music you want your party to focus. If it is a large party, there may be different types of dance music.

Step 02: Take a look at entertainment companies to find a DJ who has a good reputation and reviews online. Most local DJs love to focus on doing a good job, because that’s where references are born, these days much of these references are going to be found on the internet..

Step 03: Contact the coordinator or manager of the company to be told that DJ fits what you are looking for. Although the price varies on several occasions, you can expect an interesting proposal depending on the type of event and how long will it last.

Step 04: Look for references on a Facebook or your own website and you will be sure that this person is what you are looking for.

Step 05: And finally enjoy to the maximum the work of your DJ in a Party or Wedding.

Leaving your ceremony in style.

One of the coolest ways to leave your wedding ceremony in style is hiring a limousine or party bus to help you transport your close friends and family. Or perhaps leaving to the airport in a limo if you are traveling somewhere for the honeymoon.

My friend Joe who owns limo service cape coral gave me some tips to share with yall on how to find a great limo provider no matter where you live on a budget.

Limo wedding

  • Look online on websites like Groupon to find special deals and saving coupons
  • Once you have found a limo company be sure to check Yelp to see if they have reviews
  • Ask for special discounts if you have a large group of people
  • Sometimes you can find great coupons specially for wedding events.

Sometimes a party bus might be a better option since they are bigger and provide more room to fit more people. A limousine is your way to ride in style in your big day and you can have a great time making a day that won’t be forgotten any day soon.

Another site where you can find great local deals depending on the company of course is Retailmenot which you can use to get special discounts in your city.


Some advice for wedding planners & photographers

I noticed that the competition in the wedding industry is pretty fierce nationally and even locally, the wedding industry is a multi billion dollar business and so if you are a photographer or a planner you know that finding clients can be a hassle if you have no idea. Your competitors might be stealing some clients from you and you probably don’t even know it.

I compiled some advice to help you find more clients for your business…

I spoke to my friend Marcos who owns publicidad en miami an internet marketing company that specializes in creating lead generation sites for small businesses and helping people create internet strategies to get more business.

  • Be everywhere, don’t be lazy when it comes to your business. You really have to be everywhere both offline and online.
  • Be creative with your business, don’t just offer the same things your competitors are offering.
  • Be professional, have your own website and spend the money to make sure you have a professional image no matter how small your business is.
  • Create a referral plan, if you have satisfied clients don’t be afraid to ask for referrals.
  • Don’t be afraid to expand and scale your business.


We are not saying you are going to be swimming in money, but it should help you to grab a bigger piece of the market. The internet is changing a lot of things and if you take your marketing seriously you should be putting at least 30% back into your business so it continues to grow each month.

I hope this article helps.

Should you hire an entertainer for your ceremony?

I often get asked by email what are the best entertainment options for a wedding and if it’s better to simply hire someone or simply have your uncle Joe throw some speakers and hook up his phone for music. Honestly, I say don’t go with the uncle option. It’s very likely that depending on your budget you’ll find that there are ways for you to entertain your guests without spending an arm and a leg.

In fact one of the best options is hiring a DJ. Many times depending on where you plan to have your wedding like hotels or resorts they’ll include the entertainment as part of your package. Of course it can be quite expensive.

The day of your ceremony you’ll probably be so stress and busy with so many things at once you won’t think about the little details. If you have a budget be sure to have a wedding planner since that can save you a lot of headaches, you can let them worry about finding the right entertainment options that are affordable and matches the theme of your wedding. If you are doing it alone then ahead of time start searching for the right entertainer for your wedding. For example my friend Sandra recently got married and she had no referrals, she lives in the sw florida area and simply searched for a fort myers dj that fit her budget and also was flexible to her taste in music.

wedding dancing
After all the whole point is to party all night and you want your guest to have a great time right?

Then search on sites like WeddingWire to find a large variety of disc jockeys in your area or simply searching on Google in your local city to see what type of costs and the best deal you can get. So, I say YES, get a good DJ for your wedding and make it an unforgettable day.

Finding The Right Photographer For Your Wedding

Every ceremony deserves to be remembered forever, your wedding is a special event that is usually a once in a lifetime moment. It’s important that we focus on capturing these special moments from beginning to end. Finding the right photographer can sometimes me stressful because you don’t know who has the style and feel you want for your wedding.

Plus it can also be quite expensive with some photographers charging up to $3,000 for a photography session. However, there are ways to find one that not only can save you money but can deliver the photos you want. One of the best ways to get started is using referrals from family and friends.

If you have a family member or friend who recently got marry ask them for a referral and see if they had a good experience with their photographer. Most of the time they can recommend you someone and even save you some money. However if you don’t know someone your next best choice is to look online.

There are a ton of websites out there to help find the perfect photographer for your wedding, sites like Yelp & WeddingWire is a good place to start. There’s probably many local reviews and local sites that can help, Google often offers many reviews and local results where you can get started. All you have to do is type the city plus service to see what results you get, for example if you live in Cape Coral FL you would type something like wedding photography cape coral and you simply review the results.

Here’s also a great video that provides some great tips on what type of photography you might be interested:

Don’t get stuck with a photographer you are not  happy. Our biggest recommendation is that you review each potential photographer you plan on hiring and view their portfolio to see if they might fit what you are looking for. Also take the time, don’t wait till the last minute for everything, having enough time will help you find the perfect one for your ceremony.

Anything can go wrong at YOUR wedding..

Wedding ceremonies can be quite unpredictable, emotions are through the roof and everyone is nervous not just the groom and bride. But what I have learned over the years is that the key to a great wedding is not the amount of money you spent to get every little detail perfect but the people like friend and family that are part of that special day.

I’ve seen brides lose their mind because the flowers were not fresh enough or the cake didn’t arrive on time. In other cases I’ve seen people faint and even fights believe it or not.

Let’s just hope your wedding was not part of this hilarious video:

I don’t have a big lesson for you in regards to making everything perfect, in fact my advice would be to not worry about whether the flowers are fresh or if the cake arrived, simply remember what your wedding day means to you and what the future holds for you as a married gal or guy.

The simple weddings that don’t have a big budget and just do the ceremony in a backyard with just a few friends and family usually are far better experiences than those couples who spend thousands and months of preparation with a guest list of a thousand people.

Don’t be a bridezilla..for the love of god try to be patience and let the professional do the work. Some brides are control freaks and want to even direct how the pictures are going to be taken.


The sooner you understand that usually things will not go perfect at your wedding the better prepared you’ll be and the easier it will be for you to adapt to whatever happens on that day….because trust me anything can and will go wrong when you have to manage so many little details. Be yourself and seek as much help as you possibly can to be sure that you are 100% focused on your loved one and not the ceremony, after that is what a wedding is about.